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A facility in need of renovations - Oporto Friendly Door Center)


The Centro Porta Amiga do Porto (Oporto Friendly Door Center) is one of the pioneering AMI’s centers, having started its activity in April 1995 within the local community. It is also the only center that is open every day of the year, serving lunch and dinner to hundreds of people daily.

Today, a number of improvement needs are already identified within the different spaces of this social facility. Despite the effort we make that the physical limitations do not determine the interventions we do, some refurbishment work is deemed essential to provide a better response and more dignity to the people that benefit from our different services.


In the showers, there is the need for a new floor covering, as well as humidity insulation and a new paint job. They are currently underutilized because they do not offer basic usage conditions. Regarding the bathrooms, there is also an urgent need of renovation, and one of them should ideally be transformed into an adapted bathroom.
As for the canteen, works are needed to improve this space, at various levels, in order to ensure greater comfort to those who use it daily. In the Infotheque, improvements are needed in the painting and protection from humidity, while in the food storage room, a coating is required on the tile wall to ensure better product storage conditions.