Mission Finished

January 2017


Through this initiative, the 175 children who attend the basic education in Tabanca de Ametite now have access to a school with good physical conditions, guaranteeing the bases for the development of a quality education.


What was once a dream has now become reality. The population of Tabanca de Ametite, located on Ilha das Galinhas in Guinea-Bissau, has long dreamed of a basic school for its children. This was a project cherished by the AMI, which, together with the Guinean Para-Ka-Tem Association and with the support of a group of supportive adventurers, built a basic school in Ametite.

An Ilha das Galinhas dream - Construction of a Primary School in Ametite "- Guinea Bissau


The project is located on the Ilha das Galinhas, Bolama region, Bijagos archipelago. This little island is only acessible by sea. The population lives with major difficulties in terms of transport, health and school infrastructures. The distance between the capital and the Ilha das Galinhas is estimated at a journey of three hours and a half in complicated conditions (by boat). The communities are mostly from the Bijagó ethnicity (99%), divided between the Catholic and animist religions and with a very high illiteracy rate. The main villages (Tabanca) of ilha das Galinhas are Ambancana and Ametite.

In Ilha das Galinhas there are two public schools (one in Tabanca of Ambancana and another in Tabanca of Ametite) and two private schools (one in Tabanca of Ambancana and another in Tabanca of Ametite).

In the Tabanca of Ametite, the only public school is handmade (covered with palm leaves), the fragile structure is extremely vulnerable to the climatic conditions of the island, especially during the rainy season, not assuring safe conditions for students and teachers, which conducts to the occurrence of periods in which children can not take classes. This puts into question the academic success of these children, as well as their dignity  and promotes school drop out, both by students and by teachers who are placed there.


By building a proper school infrastructure we will strengthen and promote access to education by children along the year no matter wthat the weather conditions are and we will provide better teaching conditions for teachers.

It is also expected to contribute to reducing school dropout and rural exodus of people in this age group, as well as a greater setting of teachers in this Tabanca.
Directly benefits 175 children (90 girls and 85 boys) and, indirectly, the 1,650 inhabitants of the Ilha das Galinhas.

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