Mission Finished

March 2017


Emergency in Haiti - recovery after Matthew Hurricane


Haiti is considered the poorest in America and in the entire western hemisphere, and is particularly prone to natural disasters.

In 2010, AMI intervened primarily in response to the earthquake, with na emergency mission in the health area and in the area of management of camps for internally displaced people.

Since then, it has also begun various partnerships with local organisations, whose projects it has financed.

The passage of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 aggravated the socio-economic instability in Haiti. The area of ​​the "Grand Sud" was very affected, with plantations, livestock and commerce being destroyed. According to the report presented by the Haitian Minister of the Interior, more than 175,000 people were housed in 224 temporary shelters, after having lost their homes.
Considering this scenario, the local NGO REFRAKA, presented to AMI an emergency response project after Hurricane Mathew, budgeted at €15,000, entitled "Intervention urgente en solidarité avec les animatrices et les radios communautaires dans le grand sud".

 The project aims to directly benefit women animators, producers and managers of the community radio network and men and young people from 11 communities, for a total of 104 people. Indirectly, the project will benefit about 750 thousand people, considering the reach of the radio messages.


The aim of this project is to distribute 50 food kits in the Grand Sud area, conduct training in agricultural production techniques in the post-disaster period and raise awareness in order to stop the spread of infectious diseases through twelve radio programs.

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