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Fight against child malnutrition


AMI's first intervention in Colombia dates back to 1998, with the institution returning to the country in 2014, in a partnership with the Fundación Hogar Juvenil (FHJ), with which AMI had established its first partnership in 2000.

Colombia is a country with a lot of disparity in development terms.

Located in the San Pedro Martir area in Cartagena de las Índias, which has 200,000 inhabitants in 20 neighbourhoods, many of whom are displaced, FHJ is a non-profit NGO which has worked in development since 1975, in the areas of health and nutrition, sanitary education, family and community assistance, the environment and human rights and in supporting the displaced communities.

Since 2014, AMI has been supporting a child nutrition project carried out by the

FHJ organisation, which works in the San Pedro Martir area.

The “Un barullo por la Nutrición de la Primera Infancia en la Ciudad de Cartagena” project began in July 2014 and, for 3 years, intends to contribute to improving the nutrition of 400 children and their families. In addition to monitoring the nutritional condition of the children, 9 most vulnerable families are being monitored and shown how to start productive vegetable gardens in their backyards.


The project has achieved the following results: 400 children are now linked to the national early childhood support program and 9 families have been trained and prepared to develop a productive garden, which that has resulted in a  better nutrition and income. In addition, the project has helped to strengthen children's disease prevention and recovery and nutritional programs, as well as strengthening the nursing and nutritional support departments of Fundación Hogar Juvenil.