Mission Finished

May 2016


Refugees Crisis in Europe


The purpose of this humanitarian mission is to study in loco and in conjunction with the authorities and local NGOs, the kind of help that can be provided over the migratory phenomenon that originates in Africa and the Middle East.


The islands of Kos and Lesvos, Greece and the island of Lampedusa, Italy, are the two major gateways to Europe in what is one of the most serious humanitarian crisis in Europe since the end of World War II.
It is worth remembering that AMI has a long history and experience with refugees in dozens of countries, particularly in the area of the Middle East, having worked in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan or Pakistan without forgetting Africa (Sudan / Darfur, Rwanda, Chad, Ethiopia and Somalia).
However, direct intervention with the population reaching Europe to flee from war or poverty, is only one of three strands of activity of AMI tackle this huge problem.
Also in Portugal, the facilities and social responses of AMI are prepared to support and guide people, similar to what happened after the lifting of the military junta of Guinea-Bissau in 1999 and with the wave of Eastern European immigrants in the 2000s.
On the other hand, the establishment of local populations, particularly in Africa, is the third axis of the AMI work through its partnership projects with local organizations, essential to help develop better living conditions for the populations in their countries of origin.  

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